Major practice areas

Public business law, administrative and constitutional law

For many years now, BMT has been advising clients in proceedings under public law and on government authority projects. Our planning and advisory services are directed to the public sector, but we also advise and represent companies, entrepreneurs and investors in matters of public business law. Hardly any other area of the law is now subject to such dynamic development as the field of public business law.

Public law proceedings in this area are frequently very complex and involve a host of parties, and for that reason alone such proceedings entail substantial expense and time commitment. It is therefore indispensable for clients to obtain careful advice with precise directions for action. Clarity and long-term legal certainty can only be achieved on the basis of top-notch specialist knowledge.

BMT develops bespoke solutions for its clients in the field of public business law, administrative law and constitutional law. Our efforts are always driven by the aim of helping clients plan projects under public law in a manner which conserves clients’ financial resources and eliminates potential pitfalls from the outset.

Planning and advisory services

Planning and advisory services

Our law firm's special areas of advisory practice include planning and advising clients on land use permits and use planning proceedings. In public construction law matters, Büsing Müffelmann & Theye accepts engagements to plan and advise clients in proceedings under public construction law, and in addition, we advise clients on subsidy and state aid law, including any necessary EU proceedings.

Further major areas of our law firm's practice include: Comprehensive advice and planning in business administration law, in the realm of public procurement law and in public company law. Our lawyers are recognized for their expertise in organizational and hospital law, as well as in the major fields of environmental law and traffic and transport law/infrastructure law and in the realm of renewable energies. 

Litigation and service as experts

Litigation and service as experts

Büsing Müffelmann & Theye will advise you on structuring and carrying out public-sector projects. The work of our lawyers in this area is characterised by a high level of substantive specialisation and continuous analysis of current developments in the realm of public business law – including constitutional and European law issues.

We will advise you of risks at an early stage, develop potential solutions and act as mediators between companies and public authorities. To the extent necessary, we will represent your interests in court.

With a practice which is recognised in the academic sphere, BMT’s lawyers are additionally in demand as legal experts on matters of administrative and constitutional law.