Business sectors

Transport and logistics

In today’s market, transport companies and forwarding agencies are faced with new and different tasks. In addition to their traditional role (undertaking actual transport jobs), more and more these businesses are being asked to perform services which include, for example, quality control, assembly and billing. Thus, the new, regular demands on logistics businesses include – in addition to transport services – transshipment, warehousing, inventory management, goods inspection, commissioning and packaging of goods. The result of this is that lawyers must advise such clients both on traditional transport and forwarding law and on a host of other areas of the law, including the law on service contracts and work and services agreements.

BMT will work with you to prepare bespoke contracts and general terms and conditions of business for your company. We will support you on matters of loss adjustment, or when issues arise in connection with the administrative authorities. This applies, of course, also to complex customs and insurance law matters. Our clients benefit from our firm’s experience and legal expertise, derived from decades of practice relating to all of the modes of transport: land, air or sea. Based on our in-depth special knowledge of the sector, we put together complex, top-quality and innovative legal solutions for companies whose business vision lies in the realm of transport and logistics.