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Science and education

For some time now, the public sector has been focussing on the “science and education” area, as a segment with a great deal of future promise. Its growing significance raises a host of legal issues pertaining to the public sector at the federal, federal state and municipal levels. Particularly as regards the law of state aid and state finance, issues under EU law are raised, as well. Responsibilities in science and education are also handled by independent universities, schools, high education institutions as well as other education and research institutions. These various institutions may be entities under public law (e.g. statutory corporations) or may be organised under private civil law.

BMT’s expertise in the science and education sector stems from its many years of experience in this area. We advise clients, for example, on forming, financing and operating public and private institutions of higher education and schools. In addition, we assist with cooperative projects between public and private institutions of higher education and research institutions and business entities. In addition, we support governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the field of science and education. Our clients include museums, foundations and institutes pursuing educational or teaching objectives or scientific aims.

The spectrum of our advisory services in this field also covers, for example, organisational issues and questions of tax law and financing in addition to the main areas of education and science. These expressly include EU aid funding and subsidies law. On construction and procurement projects, BMT is able to deploy its special expertise in public procurement law in the context of public-sector construction, a field in which the firm has many years of sector-specific practical experience.