Business sectors

Public sector

The sovereign’s activities are always based on and governed by legal rules, and will always raise legal issues. Complex situations arise here because of the proximity both to the political sphere and to the public sphere. This often gives rise to a need to create clear, transparent structures.

Büsing Müffelmann & Theye has solid experience in advising and representing the public sector. We act for sovereign clients at the federal, federal state, district and municipal/city levels, as well as at the level of administrative subdivisions organised as statutory corporations. For many years now, we have advised governments, authorities and public-sector companies, organised both under civil law and under public administrative law, on a host of issues under government organisations law in connection with the performance of their tasks and responsibilities.

In the field of organisational structures with public-sector duties, our practice teams contribute a wealth of experience from the many restructuring and reorganisation projects on which they have advised. We provide our public-sector clients with sustainable, tailored solutions as they seek to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them in a way that takes account of all of the interests at stake. BMT’s lawyers rely on the special expertise they have collaboratively gained in the realm of public law, but simultaneously integrate their expertise from other disciplines to deal with the intersection of public law and private civil law. Such disciplines include the law of public companies as well as tax law, but employment law issues are also touched upon.

On a wide variety of construction, transport, infrastructure and environmental projects, clients benefit from BMT’s wealth of experience and expertise, which it has gained by preparing, organising and competently carrying out participation processes and complex approval and land use planning proceedings. BMT also has wide experience in the litigation sphere, which is a further major advantage. We are familiar with the involvement of the public sector in the political process, and our clients can thus rely on our careful management of their legal affairs and consideration of the decision-making structures within public authorities and administrative entities, and on our experience in dealing with political committees.