Business sectors

Mechanical engineering, plant construction

Mechanical engineering and plant construction constitute one of Germany’s leading industries. To a very substantial extent, the mechanical engineering/plant construction sector is focused on global exports. Conversely, there are foreign mechanical engineering and plant construction firms supplying products to the German market. The legal requirements that arise in this area are thus becoming ever more complex and commercially significant.

BMT represents companies operating, for example, in the field of manufacturing machinery for industrial production, industrial-scale furnaces, combustion technology and thermal process plants together with open-loop and closed-loop control technology as well as automation technology, packaging lines, spray equipment and applications for industrial production, or lighting systems for maritime navigation. Our clients additionally include domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers of components for large-scale energy generation systems, such as on- and offshore biogas plants and wind turbines.

Both in mechanical engineering and plant construction, detailed contractual coverage is of utmost importance, whether the project pertains to plant and plant components, the production of machinery and production lines, or special components for any of these. Legal advice required in this sector may also include planning, risk diversification, start-up operations, final acceptance procedures and limitation of liability. In addition, in cross-border business transactions, parties often agree to submit any disputes which may arise to arbitration, governed by such rules as the “ICC Rules” of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Thanks to its wide-ranging practical experience in this sector, BMT provides its clients with optimal advice, strategy and representation.