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IT and internet

Whether international groups, small craft businesses or medium–sized enterprises – the economy is unthinkable without information technologies and modern telecommunications structures. The rapid technical development in recent years provides companies with new challenges on almost a daily basis. How can, for example, the continually growing flood of information (“big data“) be administrated and made use of in a useful manner?

In all of this, the intelligent networking of information and communication technologies plays a central role; intelligent data administration in the Cloud has come to ensure that data is available anyplace at any time, yet is simultaneously protected from being accessed by unauthorised third parties.

BMT provides legal advice that is in line with the latest state-of-the-art of science and technology. In addition to excellent legal qualification, this includes a distinct technical understanding as well as a deep knowledge of the industry. Based on this, we help both the providers of IT and telecommunications services and their users in achieving their business goals quicker, with more agility and in a more dependable manner.

For technology-based services and IT and telecommunications products, we offer our clients a wide spectrum of consultation. We know that the creation of value in the future requires an extensive understanding of innovation and technology. Together with our clients, we find solutions, whether they come from contractual design and negotiation with business partners, through the comprehensive consultation as part of a procurement procedure, or as part of the conception of complex projects or outsourcing undertakings in IT or telecommunications.