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Complex legal issues are raised by airport development, expansion, restructuring and relocation. At the same time, there are increasing expectations and demands on those responsible in terms of participation and moderation processes. Due already to their scale and their impacts, airport projects are often very much in the public spotlight.

Both private investors and the public sector benefit from Büsing Müffelmann & Theye’s many years of experience in the aviation sector, such as in preparing for and carrying out public approval proceedings. In addition to having special legal expertise, BMT’s practical experience on aviation projects serves it in good stead. In everyday operations, as well, parties must constantly adjust to changes in the technological and legal environment. These are compounded by changes in the prevailing parameters. A balance must be struck and lines of demarcation established in situations in which a new use of land, or a change of land use, conflicts with developing or expanding airport operations.

BMT advises and represents the public sector as well as national and international airlines and airport operators. One particular area of focus of our aviation work is legal project management on complex approval and permitting projects. Büsing Müffelmann & Theye advises and supports clients with respect to acquiring and developing property, and we provide full-service aviation law advice and prepare and structure procedures for our clients. We also support clients with respect to participation and moderation procedures. Our specialists advise and represent our clients in all types of planning, approval and environmental proceedings just as we do in the construction law arena.