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Art and culture

For thousands of years, art has been an essential component and characteristic of every culture on earth. Like invention in and of itself, it is the result of human creativity, yet different to it in that it is not subject to any practical constraints. It serves no-one other than people and itself. Nevertheless – or perhaps even for just that reason – art has become an important economical factor. Artworks are items of international legal dealings between artists, collectors, art dealers, auctioneers and museums.

BMT functions as an experienced arbiter between artistic and commercial interests. We know that the excitement and enthusiasm for art is something that connects people, even if those interests may be different. We consult and advise our clients on purchasing and selling artworks as well as on drafting and negotiating purchase agreements, loan and donation contracts. We ensure that copyright claims are upheld. Our clients are collectors, museums, galleries, dealers and artists.

Even immaterial needs require a solid material basis, thus we assist private individuals and institutions that dedicate themselves to supporting arts and culture in finding just the right legal framework. Büsing Müffelmann & Theye assists in establishing and managing foundations and organises the co-operation with state and private museums.