The headquarters: BMT Bremen

Right at the world famous Marktplatz – which plays host to Bremen's town hall and the Roland statue, both of which belong to the World Cultural Heritage – the office rooms of Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye are located next to the House of Citizenship and the parliament of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen at Börsenhof C. Bremen has – as a commercial trade and port centre – always played a defining role for the law firm's work. Clarity, decisiveness and Hanseatic virtues have been a special part of BMT for years.

Mainhatten: BMT Frankfurt am Main

Right in the middle of the impressive skyscrapers, the Taunusanlage represents the green oasis of Frankfurt's banking district. It is part of the ring-shaped park grounds that were established in the 19th century on the former eastern rampart of the city. Right across from the Old Opera house, at Taunusanlage 18, the elegant MainBuilding was constructed under the guidance of the architects "Gerkan, Marg and Partners" in 2010 and currently serves as BMT's office in Frankfurt am Main. In "Mainhattan", BMT goes about consulting clients in all of the core areas of business law and further specialises in IT, real estate and medical law.

The capital city office: BMT Berlin

Originally designed as the bridle path for the electoral prince, the 3.5 kilometre long boulevard located in the western downtown area is currently one of the most well-known elegant promenades in the world. Located on the corner of the Schlüterstrasse, where international noble brands give the Ku'damm its cosmopolitan character, are the offices of BMT. In 1997, BMT started out along the Spree River with a focus on providing consultation in the fields of media and technology law as well as research and development. The Berlin office currently covers all of the core areas of business law, but also exclusively offers specialty subjects such as art law or hunting law.


Welcome to Bavaria: BMT Munich

Bavaria has developed into one of the important centres in the "New Economy". Companies participating in the information and communication industries, software developers and environmental technicians are increasingly turning to this business location in Southern Germany. In light of this, BMT founded its fourth office in Bavaria's state capital in 2008. Along the Isar River, Büsing, Müffelmann & Theye has been intensifying its consultation activity in the areas of IT law, data protection, R&D and compliance. Other areas of practice include media and copyright law. BMT Munich's offices are situated in the Camparihaus, located directly on the Maximilianstrasse.