Beyond the daily business: Body of thought.

Current issues

Social commitment

As an independent, owner-managed business law firm with strong roots in Germany, social commitment thoroughly belongs to our company’s philosophy as do economic actions and the fair treatment of our employees and business partners.

Cultural and social aspects.

Wherever BMT is active in Germany, we see ourselves as being interwoven with our environment. We exercise this obligation in multiple ways while being anchored in the respective regions. At practically all of our sites, we are proud of our larger or smaller art collections. With respect to this, we work with local galleries or curators. In individual cases, we have also supported cultural institutions in the finest neighbourly manner. We are also happy to promote young and still unknown artists. Thanks to our tasks in the field of art law, something specially offered by our Berlin office, BMT has already been able to convert large art collections into charitable foundations on several occasions. In Berlin, we have on occasion even hosted art vernissages.

Family and career.

We know very well about the effort and concentrated endurance that our legal staff contributes – and appreciate this commitment anew every day. One of the principles of Büsing Müffelmann & Theye is, "Those who work hard need time to recharge their batteries." At our company, a person needs his or her weekend – and that person shall receive it. We are open to flexible work time arrangements when, in individual cases, family-related situations demand this. In 2010, BMT Bremen was awarded for its employee-loyalty concept when the northern office accepted the prize "Model Project for the Compatibility of Family and Career".